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Smile I too wish there was a checklist!

Since you posted this message in November, I would imagine this response will probably not do you that much good now. This is my first post to this site, as we just found out on 12/6/10 that the swelling on my son's neck that started on Thanksgiving 2010 is an LM. But I just wanted to share that when I e-mailed Dr. Shiels about doctors he might know and recommend in New York City, such as interventional radiologists and/or surgeons, he responded the next day to my e-mail. He did not know the several doctors I named in NYC, but he said that in our search for an interventional radiologist we should ask if that doctor is capable of treating the microcysts as well as the macrocysts, as our son's radiology report from ultrasound on 12/6 said the LM was of "complex cystic structure." Perhaps if you e-mail Dr. Shiels he might respond to your questions about searching for the right doctor. We continue to assess doctors and hope we will have chosen the right one/ones soon, as after my son's upcoming MRI on 1/4/11 we should know better exactly what we are dealing with; and will want to get it treated immediately as the LM lesion appears to be growing larger rather rapidly. I don't know what stage you are in right now with treatment for your daughter, but I wish you all the very best. Hang in there. This seems to be one of the most complex medical issues I've ever had to deal with, given that it is so rare and so varied from one individual to another...and each Children's Hospital in the USA seems very often to have a different specialty treating LMs (e.g., Hematology, Dermatology...etc). I'm extremely grateful that I found this forum. Patty
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