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I'm so sorry that happened to you! I just had twin boys. One of them Justin, has a birthmark on his face and I to keep/kept asking doctors in the NICU what it was and how to fix it, but none of them seemed interested and just said its a birthmark and it will just get big and then small again and go away. lol That to me sounded really stupid so i started researching on the web and found this site. Right now Justin is 1 and a half months old and already this birthmark has changed from a slight pink to a deep red and puffy mark. Its on his right lip and goes up into the area between his nose and mouth. Yesterday i went back to our family doctor and told her i want him looked at by a specialist so she is going to find one for us, but not for two weeks. I'm hoping it dosent get worse in these next two weeks and that we can get in right away to see the specialist. It just feels horrible that nobody seems to take it seriously, nobody in the NICU and not even our family doctor or their specialist they see because they were premies seemed to care.
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