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i'm sick and i think i brought it on myself. using new ear phones all week travelling and driving. it really hurt in my good right ear but it seems i forgot i don't feel in my left ear covered with my birthmark and now it swollen tender and hot keeping my fingerscross it goes no further. I am pissed with myself. I know i am deaf in that ear but it helps to keep the other side up.

can't sleep tonight i'm so pissed because i've been waiting to start a job for a few weeks. Population and Housing Census going house to house. may finally start monday. i need the work. I can suck up dealing with the public but being sick means i can't do the work for a few days an i feel like crap flat on my back at home if it gets worse. i really wish this would stop happening. I'm so tired of it. I want to stop getting sick. can't rest this weekend either because i have car problems and need to get it fixed. I take care of the car and most of the family home, the doggies, cook etc...for my family. sure i'm lazy but when i'm not well enough it really depresses me. And it totally freaks my mother out because she can't help ease the pain and make me better.

I am definitely gonna apply for social assistances.
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