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i dunno if anyone has the same problem. birthmark blows up. sometimes partial. lympah glands on that side swollen and tender. horrible pain. want to throw up sometimes. loss of appetite. can hardly move. high temp thats gonna put me in the mad house one day. chills are terrible only solution is to stay in the warm shower for a long time however many times i need to. every so gently try to put tiger balm or vicks on it. ice packs on the birthmark once the fever cracks. swelling can take more than a week sometimes to go down and i am so self conscious about it. doctors don't know what to do to me so i stop going. keeps happening on and off since august last year. never use to be that frequent and i'm not doing anything different. cant cut the yard without getting sick now. sucks. got the flu on top of that. need to make sure i don't cough or sneeze that hard cause it makes it worse. dogs want to lick me but it hurts. poor guys. no foursomes for a couple day on the bed they are not happy

but atleast i'm getting better. fever gone. just got to deal with the pain and swelling i just try to keep in mind it will pass
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