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Hi liemanr. Like you, in those early days I took no reassurance from being told "it was very common" when my son was born...from research I did at the time, I found that "stork marks" are indeed common but generally in a much much milder form. For example, just on the back of the baby's neck or just tiny markings on the eyelids or forehead that only a parent and/or health professional would notice. In our cases the Stork was very heavy-handed! And our babes ended up with the most prominent type. We were on holiday during his first summer and I overheard an insensitive lady say "oh look how badly sunburnt that baby is". I should have put her straight but at the time it really upset me and I couldn't bring myself to speak to her. If something similar ever happened again I would know what to do - unleash Mamabear! Again I think we just have to feel so fortunate that these birthmarks are a type that fade with time and patience with no need for painful or intrusive treatment. I'll update more photos soon. Best wishes, LRL

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