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Default Interventional Radiologist

Good Morning!

I recently had an embolization procedure performed on my right hand for an a.v.m. that will require maintenance.
The procedure was performed by Dr. Robert Rosen at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. It was a bit more than what I was expecting, but so far things are coming along nicely. Just a personal opinion on mine and my Wifes part, but I do need to mention that Dr. Rosen seems to know his expertise quite well. Very easy going demeaner, can look at an angiogram and in less than a minute can very confidently explain whats going on and what needs to be done. He treats many a.v.m.'s on an almost daily basis.
An interesting aspect about his embolization procedure is that he performed the procedure while I was placed under general anithesia. If required, he uses a direct stick to occlude vessles with glue.
I had met with other Radiologists to reveiw my case-none feeling that they could succesfully perform the procedure due to the serpentine and tortuous nature of the arteries in my hand, but Dr. Rosen assured me that he could accomplish what needed to be done. And he did.
After the embolization was completed, I did have some swelling for a few days, but that has subsided and is now non-existant.
I am scheduled for a follow-up visit in February and hopefully I won't need another procedure for a few years or so.

Wishing a pleasant New Year for everyone,


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