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Red face I have an AVM on the left temporal cerbreal lobe that has been treated.

Hi I'm RoxAnne, and I have been dealing with my AVM on the left temporal cerebral lobe since 2005. I have had a embolization and Gamma knife surgery to treat my AVM. I have had some speech spells as a result of the scar tissue that is healing wonderfully. I have waited for over three years since my treatment to start to have a baby. I know that I'm at high risk of AVM bleeding but I feel great now and I haven't had any speech problems since Feb 2010. My AVM started off golf ball size 15mm now it's 3mm . So I believe that the treatment has been great. But know I'm wanting to start a family with my husband of over 5 years and I'm very nervous that it will take an effect on my AVM. my Drs. say that im high risk and the likley hood of my AVM to bleed or have complication are 15-20%. Is there anybody out there that has had an AVM in the brain and have had a successful pregnancy?
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