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"my least favorite part of the party aspect is that split second when a hot guy tells you that you look pretty but it doesn't really mean anything because he's not seeing all of you, and you know that he would run and hide the second you took off those tights"

You may very well be surprised that some guys really don't care and will love you for you. I don't have a PWS, but I have a lymphatic malformation. I never thought I would find someone who loved me for me. I didn't think any guy would want to be with a woman who had massive scars on her leg and had been through several surgeries. Yet here I am, dating the most awesome man, who completely loves me and knows everything about me and doesn't mind one bit.

I'm also in college and love it. It's a much different atmosphere than high school and much more accepting. I'm 21 myself and have come a long way with how I feel about my malformation. I really could care less if people see the scars, as their opinion does not matter. The malformation has partially made me who I am today, so I wouldn't want to change it for anything.
what makes you different, makes you beautiful
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