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It really takes time to come to terms with what you have... I'm 21 and finally feel more at peace with my own body. I have a lymphatic malformation and have been through several surgeries, leaving me with many scars and a physical deformity. I have a 9 inch incision line that goes down my right thigh, that thigh is smaller than the other one, and multiple scars on my right hip, along with scars on my left shoulder. It's not exactly "pretty", but I am ok with it. I used to hate my body and was tormented by people at school in high school and jr high. I feel much more at peace in college and have found friends who don't mind how I look and care about me no matter what. We all have things we don't like about our bodies, but we have to learn to accept ourselves for how we are. You can't undo or change what happened, so it comes down to if you can accept yourself or not. It's good to vent, but you also have to pick yourself back up and learn to live your life. Don't miss out on what is going on now just because of some scars or you may regret it later in life.
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