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Originally Posted by lisam623 View Post
Our daughter had one in the same place, we are in NH and looked into going to see Dr Waner but because he did not accept insurance we kept looking for a Dr who did. We ended up in South Carolina and saw Dr Marcelo Hochman. We traveled down there on a Monday (we drove) we saw him on Wed and her surgery was on Thursday and we drove home on Saturday. He did an AMAZING job!! I am not sure of the types of insurance they take but we have Blue Cross and Blue Shield and it covered all but 1500.00. If you search hemangioma treatment center it will link you to his website. We sent pictures and medical records ahead of time so he could evaluate and give us an idea of what he was going to do before we made out trip. Best of Luck!
Hi there! I don't usually see many people on here from NH. I live in Manchester. Where do you live? 3 out of my 4 daughters have hemangiomas. Would love to chat!
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