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Originally Posted by samantha rainford View Post
Hi, i havent got a birthmark but my 8mth old daughter has.... it is on her face (above her left eye) it is brown and hairs grow out of it.
Me and my partner have been to two diff doctors about it and we are getting it removed when she is 12mths+ old.... would love to hear more about other peoples experiences so i have a rough idea of what my baby will be going through. Thank you. Samantha x
I am very new at posting on pages like this, hope I am doing it right. I am 42 and had a hairy nevus birthmark that covered my whole right arm and a "thumb print" on the very centre of my forehead. I had grafts on my arm and the "spot" was removed from my forehead leaving a thin line that you can't notice unless pointed out. My arm is scared and kids are cruel etc so I grew up with crappy comments. As for my "spot".....I really love my baby photos that have my spot it was quite large (a large thumb print) and I would have probably got a bad time over it if it was left there, but many times I have wished it was left alone, who knows It was removed when I was three. If you choose to remove the birthmark, please make sure you have many photos with such an individual and unique characteristic. My parents were told that I was "blessed to have such a mark" by some Indian people viewing me in my pram (way back in the late 60's) they were very amazed to see a child with such a mark Kids with hairy nevus birthmarks are the cutest kids ever I have no memory of having my spot removed.
I am yet to see a boy with a hairy nevus birthmark......I am wondering if it is a girl thing.
My very best wishes go to your daughter xx
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