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Hi Stefany,
I certainly think it couldn't hurt to look into your options. I would try to go to a specialist and see what they say. You could also email your situation and photos to one of the experts here and see what they have to say too.

Mostly I wanted to respond because I also have multiple children with hemangiomas. 3 out of 4 of my daughters have them. My oldest has none. My 5 year old has a lip hemangioma (was on oral steroids during her first year, had surgery last June and has an upcoming laser treatment). One of my 2 year old twin daughters has a pretty extensive one on her hand/wrist (no treatment...going away on its own) and her twin sister has a small superficial one on her arm. We have a family of hemangiomas and before my 5 year old was born I had never even heard the word hemangioma in my life!!!! What an education and experience it has been for me!

Just wanted to wish you luck on your journey. I suggest finding out all your options from a specialist and then going with what you think is best. Good luck!
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