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Originally Posted by smurph View Post
That's actually kinda cute! A heart shaped hemangioma. As for the possibility of internal ones, I'm not a doctor so I really don't want to alarm you unnecessarily, but I read that on the Children's Hospital website (Boston) where my daughter goes. As for a doctor for your daughter, if you look at the resources page on this site they have a page called "Find a Doctor." I'm not familiar with your area but maybe someone on here will have a suggestion of someone to see, usually it will be a dermatologist that specializes in hemangiomas, or a pediatric plastic surgeon that specializes in vascular anomalies. In the meantime, you can go to "Ask the Expert" page here on this site and email Dr. Levitin with photos and he'll get back to you with his opinion.
Good luck!!
Thank you Shannon !
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