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Thank you all so much for your replies!!
A little update: I have received a reply from Dr. Levitin and he does recommend different treatments for their hemangiomas (from surgery to laser depending on the hemangiomas). It sounds like Kaylie's arm won't look right (the large lump remains even where the Hemangioma is back to normal skin color) due to the extra tissues which confirms my concerns So she will need surgery for that one for sure by the sounds of things, and hopefully just laser for the other two on her tummy/chest. As for Millie it sounds like head Hemangiomas don't heal up as well with remaining tissue & lack of hair growth; so again it sounds like we might have to go down the surgery route... I want to look more at Propanol though for her to see if that could be another option for now.
In 6 weeks my husband's workplace is changing health insurrance and I looked at the "Experts" list in IL and it looks like the new insurrance will be in network with the experts at the Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago so I'm now hoping to have the girls seen there. I'm not sure if it's best to be seen by a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon though (there's both types of Experts that we could choose from); which type of Epert did you guys see? I'm finding it a little annoying we have to wait another 6 weeks but in the mean time I'll read "Birthmarks: A Guide to Hemangiomas and Vascular Malformations"
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