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Originally Posted by deeinkc View Post

I am 32 and have a Nevus of Ota birthmark around my left eye. Basically my birthmark makes me look like I have a black eye and there is no shortage of people who ask me "what happened?". I have only recently found out what the official name of my type of birthmark is. Most of the resources I have found online pertain to PWS marks. This is mainly because my type of mark is most prevalent in Asian countries (I'm not Asian -- just lucky I guess! :-).

Does anyone else on this forum have Nevus of Ota? If so, I'd love to connect. I'd also love to connect with anyone who has any type of facial birthmark.

I do use make up and it works okay -- not 100% coverage, but I don't like to be without it.

Looking forward to "meeting" others. Thanks.


hello! i read your post and it sounds like you have exactly what my 16 year old daughter has. she has the nevus of ota in her left eye and left temple. and just recently it has spread all the way around her left eye, and yes it looks like a bruise. i would love to talk with you and discuss some things. have you had it since birth? has it grown or spread at all? my daughter sees a dermatologist and opthamologist yearly, but wondering if she should also see a neurologist? ah i just have so many questions im sorry! noone seems to have answers for me. cant wait to hear back from you!
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