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I consider myself very, very fortunate. With an A.V.M. in my right hand that became symptomatic when I was about 8 years old due to trauma, I have been painfree for most of my life. By the time I turned 48, my right index finger was not exactly in pain, but rather it was sensitive to being bumped etc. As a result, I basically learned to adapt not using it excepting handgun and rifle shooting.
The pain I have now is from a nueroma (spelling?) and its best desrcibed as a feeling of pressure. On a scale of 0-10 with 0 being the least, I would place my pain level at a 5-6. I've learned to deal with it in my own way and fortunately I can pretty much do as I had before having my index finger amputated except shooting. I gave that one up-not wanting having to learn to shoot left handed. I do have my hand evaluated annually so as to manage any further growth of the A.V.M. Without that hand, my career goes along with it as well as many hobbies etc.
I wish I had some words of wisdom, but I do not. Compared to others I have been lucky and have hardly anything to compalin about.
Best wish's to you!
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