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Default Same, same but different

Hey Eric,

First of all sorry for my english, I'm not really good in medical vocabulary

If got a similar AVM concerning my thumb an forefinger and parts of the lower arm from birth on. (I'm going to take some pictures tomorrow and post them).

At the moment I've got problems with the AVM because I took the pill and got a thrombose in the fingers, so I have to inject heparin at the moment. Normally I've got no problems with the AVM, and I automatically take care of the arm without mentioning that (carrying heavy bags with the other arm, sleeping in a special position etc.).

I don't know if you're still an active member of this forum but maybe we can share some experiences?!

I'm living in Germany so if anybody has a similar AVM and lives near Frankfurt am Main please contact me it would be nice to change experiences because I know nobody with that kind of AVM.

Enjoy your day!

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