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Hi everyone,

Just thought I should pop in with an update on Ouest's nasal tip hemangioma. In January Ouest did undergo her ninth laser treatment. Since then there has been no change, which is a good thing. There is a slight bit of purplish color, and her nasal tip isn't a "perfect" shape, but it is very close, and truthfully nobody has ever asked us about it. Nobody notices but us. In fact, I've struggled to find a picture from the past two months in which you can see it at all.

Anyway, we feel very fortunate. We know we're not completely out of the woods just yet, but we feel like we're getting very close.

Again, for similar hemangiomas we can't recommend the laser treatments highly enough. The key in our opinion is to get on it immediately. The lasers stopped Ouest's H growth in its tracks. And all nine treatments were done without anasthesia, with little pain, and no side effects.

All the best.

Pat, Ali, and Ouest

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