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Default 8 week old with??

Hi my name is Ashlee and I just had a baby girl in January. She has a birthmark on her upper lip that reaches up to her nose. I have seen a few doctors about this, (7 to be exact) but none of them are paediatric dermatologists. I am very concerned and just want her to be properly diagnosed because I have been told it was a port wine stain and then a stork bite and then a strawberry hemangioma!??? It's driving me insane not knowing exactly what it is. I have a paediatrician for her but he will not refer her to a dermatologist he says just to wait until she is older like around 8 until we do anything about it and just to leave it, and see how it develops!! I really don't want to do that because I am worried if I leave it it will get worse and then harder to treat. I am mostly concerned because she is a little girl and it is on her face. I am just writing because I don't know what to do. How do I get this diagnosed properly if no one will send her to a dermatologist. I live in windsor ontario. I just want to know for sure what it is exactly and then go from there. I know they are very hard to diagnose when they are this little but I think a dermatologist would have a better opinion then all these random doctors that have seen her. Any info anyone has for me would be greatly appreciated. It hasn't changed at all since birth, it actually seems lighter than at birth. When I feel it it feels flat and smooth just like the other side. It has not grown in size (yet) and if you look very close you can see little red lines almost like veins through it. It fades when pressure is applied, gets a lot redder and darker when she cries or there is a change in temperature and seems lighter and almost not visible in certain lights and then darker in certain lighting. Or on certain days. Some doctors tell me it will go away and others say it won't? She also has a very red birthmark on the nape of her neck that I have been told will not go away, and a very light one between her eyes and then another small light red one on her back above her bum. Hope someone has some advice for me thank you. I have photos to upload but can't for some reason??
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