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Default Medical Care When Parents are Gone

I am wondering what suggestions anyone has on how to make sure your child's medical needs are taken care of while you have to be gone. I usually write down directions but I am worried about this since my husband and I will have to be gone for at least a week (maybe longer) from our kids this summer because I have to have brain surgery in Omaha. Our kids will be staying with my mom but she doesn't live close to us so is unfamiliar with the care routines. Becca has all her skin care issues associated with her CMTC plus she is chemically sensitive so that is why I am trying to get my mom to come to our house where special cleaners are used. Ben has allergies and asthma and is on meds. twice a day and shots every other week. Anna is allergic to strawberries and sunflowers (and sunflower oil) which is in many products. I am really concerned about there care while I am gone. I am afraid if I write down all the directions the book that it would turn out to be will be thrown in the corner and forgotten. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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