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Default Did your birthmark get in the way of getting a job?

I am looking for a job and wondering if any of you guys were judged and denied a job because of the way you look? I wear heavier makeup so my birthmark isn't really visible, but you can see that one side of my face looks a little different.

I went to an interview a couple months ago and when the interviewer looked at the side of my face that my BM was on, he looked at me kind of weird and didn't really listen to what I was saying because he was paying so much attention to my face. At one point I had to stop talking until I got his attention again because he was just staring at my face and not listening at all.

It really discouraged me and I am worried that I will get judged again. I am anxious about going to interviews because I am afraid I will be judged or given an ugly "look". This makes it even harder for me to look happy and smile during an interview.

Do you guys have any advice for me?
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