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It seems puffy to me only when she wrinkles her forehead otherwise it is flat. I am beyond thrilled with the results. We are using the topical timolol in the evening and are back to giving 1ml of propranolol in the morning. Will go back to see Dr Blei in a month and go from there.
momof3inpa, I am also worried about regrowth but perhaps the puffiness is normal when H is on forehead because the skin moves with facial expressions etc whereas not necessarily when H is in other areas of the body. We go back to dr in a few weeks and hopefully will find out then. My daughter is 7 months so we could still be in the growth stage.
Missy, we are doing great thanks for asking. Have been so busy the last few months with non-related things like trying to establish a nap schedule. So far hasn't worked!!
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