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Default Facial Hemangioma-continue treatment or surgery

My daughter is 7 1/2 months old and has 3 different kinds of hemangiomas, 1 tiny one on her back, 1 on her hip and 1 large one on her forehead. We sought the help of a dermatologist when she was 10 weeks old because the one on her forehead was huge. Luckily I knew exactly what it was because a good friend's daughter had one in the same spot and it did eventually go away. The dermatologist was not concerned in the least about any of them but because of the rapid growth of the one on her head, we opted for treatments because of the possible damage to the skin by it's stretching. She was started on propranolol and monitored very closely because of her young age and she did beautifully so we've stuck with it. It has shrunk considerably and is getting pretty close to being flat but it's still quite red. At our recent appt, the dr. decided to try timolol also to try to get the redness to subside. He mentioned that some parents opt to just do surgery. At first I was not ready to think about it because she's been fine on the medication and it doesn't bother any of us at all. I am worried that if we stopped the medication, it'll come back. We have another follow up from being on the timolol in 5 weeks and I'd like to collect as much info as possible regarding surgery. The nearest hospital that offers laser treatments that would penetrate deep enough is in Houston so not sure if that would be a starting point before surgery. After thinking that I didn't want to do surgery, I wondered if it would be better than continuing to pump my baby girl full of medicine every day. She's on 2.8mL propranolol 2x a day and the timolol 2 x a day. We tried the steroid for 2 days and all of us were miserable so we quit using it.

Here is a picture of her at 7 1/2 months old.

Thanks for any help!!
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