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Default daughter scheduled for surgery with dr waner in two weeks

hi, my daughter is scheduled to have her hemangioma removed with dr waner in two weeks.. she has two.. one below the surface by the back of her shoulder.. he said to leave that one alone... the other is on her forehead and ulcerated in january and then doubled in size (ulcerated for a period of 4 weeks).. that is when we went to see dr waner.. i am not a big fan of surgery as it scares me to death the general anesthesia, etc.. i am scared.. anyways, he said the hemangioma on her forehead was deep and she was no longer a candidate for laser or meds.. that surgery was her best option.. i guess i am scared bc this is not what i planned for...
1) has anyone worked with dr waner? do they feel he pushes surgery?
2) is he the best doctor as ppl claim he is?
3) how is the surgery, drain, recovery period? does anyone have pics to share? 4) my daughter sleeps on her forehead so i am worried about her sleeping and rubbing stiches/scabbing and scarring worse.. any advice?

i am just really worried.. also it appears that in the last month the hemagioma has gotten smaller.. mostly the part underneath.. the pink part still about the same size..

any advice would be appreciated.. thanks in advance!
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