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1) has anyone worked with dr waner? do they feel he pushes surgery? My daughter had her scalp hemangioma removed by him in September. I do not feel he pushed surgery. He told us our options and we chose to have it removed.
2) is he the best doctor as ppl claim he is? YES. We had amazing results.
3) how is the surgery, drain, recovery period? does anyone have pics to share? Surgery was about an hour. Once she was out of the anesthesia she was totally normal. The drain was a little gross but she was younger so she didn't try to pull it out. I am guessing at age 1 it will be a little harder.

4) my daughter sleeps on her forehead so i am worried about her sleeping and rubbing stiches/scabbing and scarring worse.. any advice? He will probably use dermabond on top of the stitches to protect them. There was no way my daughter could have gotten to them under that.

If you want to email me I can send you a link to my blog with before and after pics. When is your daughter turning one? Mine will be one on April 14th. Seriously he is awesome. Looking at my daughter you would never know she had a golf ball sized tumor on her head!

My email is Are you in NY?
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