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Hi Gilana!
I was wondering how you have been doing! I can definitely understand how you feel about the surgery thing...I agonized about it with my daughter. The anxiety for me was really difficult. My daughter did awesome though. We were able to be with her right up to the surgery...I actually got to go with her into the OR while she went to sleep. They didn't do anything painful while she was awake. She woke up great...had a bit to drink and they sent us on our way. She didn't get sick at all from the anesthesia. It was hard for her afterwards because she couldn't eat, but that's because it was on her lip, which will be different for you guys. Everything healed pretty quickly too. Here's a link to our album if you want to see it. (Sorry, I can't remember if I already sent it to you??)

There's some pictures from her surgery experience and her recent laser. It is so good to have it all behind us after years of anticipation. I would trust Dr. Waner....if she would have to have it eventually it is probably so much better to have it done now. She won't even remember it. Of course, it is always your my pediatrician would tell can't really make a right or wrong decision on this're just doing what you think is best. Keep us posted. Let us know how everything goes.

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