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Default nevus of ota

hi i am asian and 33 yrs of age. I got same thing as Dee. Yes, there is a laser treatment for nevus of ota but my doctor says just use a banishing cream to fade my birthmark. It is because i got brown (tan) color skin. He said the mark that the laser would leave might be worse that it is now.

I just can't wonder why my birthmark tends to change in color. Sometimes it is red...that's why people thought someone have slapped me. Other time it is really dark and kinda blue so it looks like a bruise and other times it matches the color of my skin. My mom said maybe it depends on my mood and other superticious people says it depends on the I remember at my work...It had been two months I was working there when they noticed I had a birthmark...Everybody got worried and said to me "what happened to you? everything ok?...I'm like "yes" why? They said you can tell us if someone hurt open. And I was like...what are you saying? Then they pinpoint my birthmark ...i said it's not a bruise it's my birthmark...I touched it and pinch it saying.."see".
I know sometimes it is too tiring to explain so right now to cover it up a lil bit, I use foundation and concealer. Sometimes I think and pray I hope it will be gone....but other part of me says I had it for so many years why remove it.
My birthmark actually a blessing in disguise for me when i was a lil kid. I tend to get lost in the mall but they could easily find me because of my birthmark. When they give my she is!

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