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Default unborn newly diagnosed

I am 32 weeks pregnant & I have just been told that my baby has a congenital hemangioma on his forehead slighty off to the side which is measuring about 4-5 cm (I think - at first they said inches but they also said its converted because on the ultrasounds it looks HUGE & its growing with my baby). I've done ultrasounds, MRI, & the echo heart test & the dr's aren't really worried about it but I'm very scared. I have contacted one of the doctors on here by email & just waiting for a response I am going to love my son regardless but I want to make sure I am knowledgeable about his condition. We are going to be seeing a specialist once a week, have a c section (probably at 39 weeks provided his heart isn't strained due to the increased blood flow ) & meet with general surgery & neonatalogists. All of this frightens me. Based on my own research hemangioma aren't discovered until weeks after their baby's birth and they are very small at first so I am confused as to why my baby has one so large so early...any info/advice/suggestions would be great. Family, dr's, & friends just want me to relax & try not to think about it but that's easier said than done
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