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First - take a deep breath!!! I have been down the medical roller coaster trip this past two years and I know that you have to take all of the information thrown at you in stride. Sometimes I was so overwhelmed at what doctors were telling me that I didn't even want to get out of bed the next morning to deal with it. But now I look at all we have been through and think I could probably take on the world! I do have to say that first off I have no experience with hemangiomas but I do have a child with CMTC. If you aren't familiar check it out on this website (I would guess you haven't even heard of it because most of my daughter's doctors haven't). It sounds like you are taking every precaution and doing all of the best preparation that you can. I wouldn't say "don't think about it" because that is impossible. I would say that you don't want it to consume your life. I have time periods of my daughter's life that I don't remember except for which doctor or specialist that we were seeing at the time. I regret that! I missed some of the special times I had planned (since she is my last) because doctor appointments consumed us! Enjoy your son first and deal with all of the medical as it comes. Don't let yourself worry now because you can't change anything. The more stress you have the more your son has. The best thing you can do for him now is learn all you can about his condition and be the best "incubator" possible. Best wishes and welcome to this very unique family that you never expected to be part of!!!
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