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Hi Jenni, my daughter has a lower lip hemangioma, she's 18m now, but her H came in within 1 week of being born, by 2 1/2 m the H was ripping her skin, and we were having problems nursing. Finally we took her in to Dr. Stuart Nelson, in Irvine, CA. He immediately sent us over to CHOC (Children's Hospital of Orange County) and there they gave her propanolol, and 2 other meds, we didn't try the topical medication, but I'll let you know the meds worked fast, and within 2 months the H was gone, only left some red color and a deflated side of the lip, nothing that can't be fixed with plastic surgery. Unfortunately her H is stubborn and it came back, it's not growing anymore, but we're still in this journey. I'm glad they gave her the propanolol, her lip didn't ripp anymore and she was a happy camper once she could nurse. Hope this helps.
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