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Talking never needed surgery

hello. my name is sarah and when i was a few months old my parents found that i had a hemangioma. they took me to doctors and surgions to finally find out that i was in grave need of surgery. my mom did not want to believe this so she tried just one more doctor who spoke completely opposite of the rest. this doctor said that i was one in a billion just about that needed no surgery and that it would go down on its own. what wonderful news.
to this day i have a small mark across the side of my neck that even tho dark is still rather easy to cover up. im thankful i never had to have the surgery done. once im 18 im going to get the mark laser removed to avoid the risk of skin cancer when i am outside in the summer. if anyone needs help or advice feel free to ask for it. my mother is grateful we had such wonderful people to help me thru the times and now i am here for you.
~Sarah B.
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