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Smile Success treatment is finished

Hi All

We have not posted for sometime. I wanted to share out wonderful news with you all.

My daughter Brooke was born with KHE down her throat and accross her face, after 3 1/2 year of steriod and chemo treatment I am happy to say we are finished.

Brooke was finally taken of steriod last month she now has no sign of Hemangiomas and has been discharged from the children hospital. After nearly 4 years I can finally say I have a little girl with no medical complications.

To all you parents whose children are still receving treatment, there is a big light at the end of the tunnel and yes I know how hard the road can be but it is worth every little step you make when you see your child smiling at you because her doctor has told her that there are no more needles.

Stay strong and look forward every day.

Cheryl & Brooke
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