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please don't be discouraged. now if you had green hair, tattooed face and piercings all over that could be a problem depending on the job but then i just dont really get piercings i think are stupid.

One interview i was not successful because i was a female in a man's world LOL. mechanic shop.

but I've never really applied for a job. just two temporary jobs. 1st one was job trainning in a bank. i knew nothing and they stuck me in the customer service desk. I can't say i was judged but customers came one after another and most of them had something they wanted to ask me about my birthmark.

second job recently, i entered a household with twin boys. around 9 maybe. they were rude. I did my best to handle it an asked them questions about themselves. grandmother didn't really do anything about the situation but yell at them to do their homework. I was unable to complete my interview that day and choose not to go back. I did not tell my supervisor the main reason i refused to go back there.

while i can't say i was refused because of my birthmark, the problem i did have with working or even volunteering in a government office is reminding myself that i am representing an organisation and even if it sucks i need to suck it up and not react in the wrong manner. I help a friend out sometimes with his shop/bar. he doesn't think twice about me, just happy to have an extra honest hand

I do worry however about applying for a job. I do wonder will they be concerned about my appearance while most businesses want to present a welcoming face to attract customers and can i really fault them for that.

In the end, it should really come down to are you qualified and capable of the job at hand, not your birthmark. So go out there and give it your best shot no matter what. remember, alot of people are just curious. Present yourself the best you can
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