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Talking We Waited--with AMAZING results!

I posted on here last in 2009, distraught with deciding what to do with our baby girl, who had a deep hemangioma on her eyebrow. Here is a picture of her on May 30, 2009, at nearly 4 months old:

I could not decide if we should pursue treatment or not, particularly as I was afraid that the bump would get bigger and bigger, since she was so young. I contacted Dr. Waner and Dr. Fay, both of whom encouraged either surgery or propranolol (sp?). However, because of the distanced that would be required to travel, we were limited by funds. I was, initially, quite fearful that the bump would harm her vision in some way, especially because Dr. Fay's office informed me that this was a real possibility. However, I took her to a local opthamalogist who said that it was not be impacted in any way. A few months later, after much waiting and debating, my husband and I made the decision to visit the Denver Children's Hospital and attend their vascular malformation clinic. They confirmed that her vision should not be affected, as long as the size remained the same, and reiterated that we should wait. They said that, by age 5, involution would begin and she would probably be H free by age 10.

We only had to wait about a year more. Here she is at 15 months:

Now, at 26 months--IT IS COMPLETELY GONE!!!

I realize that this is not how all hemangiomas work, but I wanted to let worried parents know that, sometimes, waiting REALLY does work. It goes against our nature to see our kids disfigured and stared at without wanting to do our best to make the situation better, but, in retrospect, I am SO glad that we waited and did not put our precious baby through an unneeded surgery.
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