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Default New here, 1 mo. old baby w large Hemangioma

Hi all,
I am glad I found this site.

My twins were born Apr 2. One of my girls had a small h. that is on her left cheek. She was born 4 wks early so she is small. The h. has grown large, encompassing her whole cheek, is very dark red, and is bumpy.

Her pediatrician saw her 2 weeks ago, and said it'd go away over time. I am very concerned as it is very close to her eye. I already notice her favoring that eye and often only opens her other one.

The ped. mentioned sending her to an eye doctor if it got closer... I'm just really upset as it is growing fast and I don't want this little angel to have to deal with a large scar her whole life.

I would also like to know, do they all ulcerate? What are the signs of ulceration, I know that happens when they grow fast.

Our insurance is anthem and HMO - and something tells me they won't send us anywhere cutting edge to deal with it. We don't have the money to spend out of pocket to see a specialist either. Not sure what to do.
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