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Becca saw the allergist and ENT this week. She was diagnosed with asthma (she is young but because there is such a strong family history and her symptoms occurring at exactly the same time as myself and her brother). She is on daily inhalers now and we are waiting for some lab work to come back (I missed what it was for in the craziness of three kids seeing the allergist all at the same time). I am a little concerned about the inhalers with Becca's heart issues but we will discuss this with the cardiologist when we see him this summer.

The allergist would like to see her tonsils come out but the ENT said they looked good the day he saw her and is hoping that she will stop having problems with the arrival of spring. If she keeps getting these infections he will reconsider taking them out. Hopefully this will be the last doctor appointments until we see the cardiologist this summer.
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