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Hi! My son is 5 months old and is on propranolol for his 7 superficial hemangiomas (2 on his scalp, 1 on his jawline, 3 on his back, and one on his bum. Our pediatric dermatologist (Dr. Puttgen @ Johns Hopkins in Baltimore) said that if he had any internally, they would also be superficial and go away on their own. She also said if he was eating and growing at a healthy rate, an internal hemangioma wouldn't be a problem. Propranolol has been working great. He had a bad ulceration on one of his back H's and it healed beautifully and has shrunk and lightened quite a bit. The 2 on his scalp (they're stuck to each other) are the most stubborn...and the most noticable. I'm wondering if we're going to have to consider surgery as well. I can't wait for his hemangiomas to be a thing of the past!
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