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Well my ped. called and responded to my email. She is requesting urgent referral to both a derm. and an opthamologist... When I asked about propanolol, she said she thought Ruby was too young and also concerned because she is a premie. I have read and read and READ all day long about propan. and its successes, and I have to say if whomever she sends us to does not know about it, I will keep pushing. She mentioned that there are "so many other treatments we can try". Hmmmmmm.

I did find out Dr. Nelson will take our insurance so I might have to push to get that referral since it is out of network.

I did get a call from Ped's office and they were pushing for the referral so at least I got a fire under their bottoms.

I am sooooooo glad I found this website, I thank the person who posted it at twiniversity, if you see this!! thank you!!
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