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thanks for all your advice and help guys.. she had the surgery it went very well... unfortunately, a week later she developed a rare complication. she and her twin lightly tap heads (not a the site of the hemangioma excision)... and her forehead immediately swelled up the size of golf ball and blood started shooting out of her head (from the site that the drain was removed from).. we called an ambulance and then dr waner..she was losing consciousness in the ambulance and it was very scary...dr waner was waiting for us in the ER with a team of 20 ppl to help her.. he saw her and immediately told me she was going to be OK.. she stabilized her within 10 min. he admitted her to the pediatric ICU for observation and the next morning put her under general anesthesia again and removed the stitches and excess blood that had accumulated overnight. Dr waner thinks a blood clot got dislodged and thats when the blood started pooling. he said in the thousands of patients he has worked with he has only seen it one other time before.... he was amazing and i am so glad we went with him.. he came to visit her so many times and gave us her personal cell and told us to call 24 hours a day if anything changes.. he is so amazing and has such a calm manner about him.. the paramedics also commented to me that this was the first time they had ever seen a surgeon meet a patient in the ER... he was amazing.. thankfully she is doing well but we are watching her very carefully.. my mom and sister flew in to help... we want to make sure she doesnt hit her head again for the next few weeks but at least now we know what to do. In other good news, her scar looks great.. he did a wonderful job!
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