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Default Forehead hemangioma: before and after photos of surgical removal

My daughter had a combination hemangioma on her forehead that grew very rapidly soon after her birth. Dr Levitin surgically removed it 6 months ago when she was 18 months old. I would now like to post pictures here in the hopes they may be helpful to others who are going through the same thing. The pictures document both the growth as well as the healing after surgery.

Like almost everyone who posts on this board, I had a very hard time deciding how best to treat the hemangioma. Our local (Houston, TX) dermatologist who specializes in hemangiomas recommended that we wait and see. We did just that for several months; but the hemangioma became so big and prominent on her forehead that I worried about the psycho-social impacts that other kids' teasing might have on her as she approached age two. I ended up opting for surgical removal at 18 months. Overall I am extremely happy with the results; and I was very happy with Dr Levitin and his team. They were able to convince my insurance provider to cover the cost of the surgery; and Dr Levitin was very approachable and responsive and spent a lot of time with me on the phone addressing my questions and concerns.

However, if I had it to do all over again, knowing what I do now and knowing how rapidly the hemangioma ended up growing, I would have taken her to a specialist right after birth and gotten her on proplanalol when the H was still very tiny. I can't help but wonder if we could have avoided surgery if we had used the proplanalol to stop the growth in the earliest phase. But I also know it would have been very tough to pump drugs into my tiny baby without being able to know what the result would be if I chose to wait and see. It's just a tough decision for anyone to make..

Anyway, upon trying to attach photos here, I ran up against file size limits; so I'm posting a URL to a photo set on Flickr instead. Reply to this post and let me know if you can't access it.

I hope this is helpful,

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