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My daughter had a very similar situation! 3 hemangiomas: 2 minor ones on her trunk and 1 bad one on her forehead. unfortunately, I didn't take her to dr until 3 months old, when it was already pretty big. If I had it to do over again knowing what I do now, I probably would have gone immediately to dr after she was born and tried the drugs you are using. However, our dermatologist (Dr Metry in Houston) recommended a wait-and-see approach. Plus, i was scared at the time of pumping drugs into her. Over time, the hemangioma grew to a point that I was conerned about teasing from other kids. So, at age 18 months (the age I thought she might start noticing the stares and teases), I opted for surgery. She does have a scar; but lucky for us, her hemangioma was close to her hairline so it is not very noticeable. In case it's helpful, here is a link to several photos documenting the growth and healing. We never did take any drugs (but like I said, if I had it to do over again, I would have tried them at the earliest stage possible).

Best of luck to you!
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