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My daughter also had a forehead hemangioma that started off as a pale red mark. it grew very rapidly to a big, bright red, puffy hemangioma with a bump "underneath" also. I ended up opting for surgical removal at age 18 months; but if I had to do it all over again, I would have taken her to specialist ASAP after birth and tried some of the drugs out there that are able to shrink the hemangioma and/or stop the growth process -- in the hopes that I might have been able to avoid surgery.

In case it's helpful to you, here's a link to pictures that document the growth and healing of my daughter's hemangioma.

Our pediatrician AND dermatologist recommended a "wait-and-see" approach; but like I said, I wish now that I had tried the drugs while the hemangioma was still very small.

it's also important to note that everyone's situation is different though! Bottom line is that it's tough to make the decision. I know I would have also been scared to put drugs into my daughter's body. No decision is stress-free, unfortunately.

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here's the link:
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