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Hello everyone
My near 5 month old son has a compound haemangioma on his scalp that appeared when he was 3 weeks old. It is now about 2.5 cm round(sorry dont know inches) and about 1 cm high with a red part on top. I am worried that it will not involute fully and he will end up with a bald patch as he gets older. I have emailed Dr Levitin with photos and he would remove it surgically. He believes that it will not go away fully and he will have a bald spot. We live in Australia with limited resources as far as removal goes. His paediatrician says do nothing it will go away. This is a big decision for us to make to travel so far to a doctor I dont really know much about. Cost will also be a factor as we have travel and medical costs that we will have to pay.
Has anyone else travelled a long way for this?

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