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Thank you all so much for your stories and pictures. I too want this whole H thing to be something in the past. All your children are simply adorable!!

siobhan - I thought I wasn't to the surgery point yet but I just feel badly for pumping all these meds into her. I'm going to ask about the laser treatments though.

tessaemay - I don't know why some of these things are more stubborn than others. The one on her hip has just about disappeared but this one on her head just hangs around.

slcraig - I have Dr. Metry's name on my list of doctor's to talk to my doc about seeing for laser treatments. Our derm is Dr. Levy here in Austin and he says that used to be chief of derm at Tx Children's and there is a laser there that is deep enough to penetrate my daughter's H. I'm trying to seek out all options to try to get this thing to go away once and for all. I have no problem coming down to Houston for a night to get treatment since we have family in the area. Did she do your daughter's treatment and surgery?

I know it's still completely cosmetic at this point and probably selfish of me to want it to go away so quickly but we're coming up on 7 months on medicine and I'd like to get away from this routine we're so used to. Plus more of a selfish note is that my whole family will be in my brother's wedding at the end of July so I was hoping that we'd get it at least a lot lighter in color for all the pictures.

She has a follow up appt tomorrow morning so I'll try to get all my questions answered and we should be able to start something whether it be surgery or laser or something.
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