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Dr Metry did not do my daughter's treatment/surgery. I am local to Houston; so Dr Metry was just the first specialist we saw. I feel like we missed the opportunity to do drugs/laser because I waited until the H was pretty big before I ever took her to a specialist. The pedi had recommended wait and see; but in hindsight, I wish I had taken her to specialist immediately and gotten her on the drugs like you did!

Anyway, if your daughter's H is flat but red, you may be a prime candidate for laser. My understanding is that laser can do a great job with lightening the color; but it cannot flatten the hemangioma. The drugs are necessary for flattening. I do know that Dr Metry's specialty is laser, so she would probably be a great contact if you are considering laser treatment.

Surgery will leave a scar; but luckily for us, my daughter's H was in her hairline and the scar is easily hidden. That made surgery a much more palatable option for us. Dr Levitin in L.A. performed my daughter's surgery...

A word of warning for you... If you talk to a surgeon, they'll tell you surgery is the way to go. If you talk to a dermatologist, they'll tell you drugs/laser is the way to go. The best bet is to educate yourself on the pros/cons of all the options and then make your own educated decision. Go with your gut!

Good luck!
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