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Originally Posted by ScarlettsMommy View Post
OMG, very helpful. My daughter Scarlett is 22 months and we are getting ready to do the same thing. Her birthmark is very similar, and we are going to Dr. Levitin in NY. I just got the insurance approval today, and we are going to set a date this week (hopefully). Any tips/advice would be very welcome!

Aw, Scarlett is gorgeous! Her H is definitely very similar to my daughter's. It's a blessing that it's in the hairline. Dr Levitin will be probably be able to hide the scar very easily!

As far as tips, bring a couple of hoodies that zip or button up the front for after surgery. In addition to not having to put it on over her head, a hood is a wonderful thing to have if she has to have a drainage tube (my daughter had to have one for 2 days). You can place the "bag" into which the fluid drains into the hood so she doesn't have to drag it around behind her. Barrettes or clips are also good. You can use them to clip the drainage tube to her hair in several places and guide it straight to the back of her head so she can't yank it out as easily. Just make sure the barrettes aren't so tight that they cut off the fluid flow.

Otherwise, Dr L's office was very good about guiding me through the process and Dr L himself returned every call and text I sent him with questions after the surgery. I found him to be very accessible as well as very conservative and not willing to take risks and that made me feel as comfortable as I think I could have felt given the circumstances. And I found it's true what they say: it was harder on me than my daughter. She was acting her normal self less than 24 hours after surgery!

Best of luck to you! I'll look forward to hearing about the result!

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