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Default 10 month old update

Hey everyone!!!
I have sent Missy an updated photo to post of my daughter. She is 10 months old today and doing great!! It has been an amazing and fast 10 months!! This thread has meant the world to me! I was distraught when our daughter was born with the birthmarks on her face. It was something I never expected or planned for in a million years. That is why it is so shocking and scary. Along with this and her having colic, I was very depressed. This is the only place I could see pics and hear similar stories. Her marks have significantly faded with the most prominent on her forehead, between her eyes. When she was first born the one on her lip was purple and now barely exists. I am also amazed how many people share their stories when out in public. Other mothers tell me about their babies that are adults now and even show me pictures. This has been traumatic for me, but I have to remember that this is just a snapshot of time in the story of our lives. Would love updates on everyone!! Hope you all are well. Thanks for the support!! Brooke
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