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Originally Posted by jordan View Post
Hay this is jordan, I know its kinda late to be posting on this note but I just started here and I have a PWS on the left side of my face and I have a four year old son, he did not get any type of birthmark wjen he was born and none of my family does either so I dont think it is possible that it will happen to your child either. I know how hard it was growing up with a birthmark on my face and im always worried about how my child will be treated by other kids at school when I go to pick him up knowing that kids can be crule. How do I help my child deal with the teasing?

I know what you are going thru . I have PWS On left cheek and chin. Well i had 20+ laser setting but didnt helped me. I would say its better to accept as it is beacuse laser treatment has side effects and i am victum of it.
Well ,now a days i am using Revlon colourstay foundation and then appy pressed powder on it and people say they cant see it unless i tell them.
Why dont you try using it. I hope that will help you and ease your problem.................

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