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Let there be no doubt I have been hiding behind makeup since age 22. People who know me from my teen years probably find it odd that I cover the birthmark, afterall that's how they know me; their friend who has one of those big birthmarks. However, people who have only known me during my adult years would be shocked to see my face without makeup. And their good opinions of me would reverse immediately. I know because I have exposed it on occaission to some people, sometimes inadvertently. I haven't had to suck it up and go, or even grin and bear it for a long time now. I have spoiled myself rotten with makeup. I had a promising local television news career in my early 30's but I wimped out and let the "hiding behind makeup" win that one, even though people you see on TV all wear makeup. That's another story. Will share it with anyone who is interested.
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