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Default Job search

When I first tried to get a job after receiving my driver’s license at 16 I was flatly denied any and every opportunity. A buddy and I went job shopping at super markets and fast food shops, he was offered jobs everywhere we applied. I was somberly told that I couldn’t be hired. When I asked why, no reason was given other than “I can’t hire you.” I was in my 40’s before I realized why I was denied a job in those days, It was because of the birthmarks on my face. I complained to my mother that no one would hire me. She, of course, pressured me to get a job in the first place; gas money you know. I really and truly did not understand why I couldn‘t get hired. My mother must have known what the problem was though. One of her friends knew the manager at a local super market and it was that personal contact that opened up my first job offer. I probably never would have gotten that first job had it not been for that. During my college years I began completely hiding the birthmark with makeup and I believe I never would have been hired for any of the jobs I’ve had since then had I not “fooled the bastards.” And that has been my attitude when job hunting and especially interviewing. “Fool their ass” and I did and still do!! I use high quality make-up, Joe Blasco, they have a tint that perfectly matches my skin tone. Before Blasco I used Clinique for about 20 years, It’s also very high quality. My wife even began using it. I’m no prissy pants, I’m a man but I use a make up mirror when applying the make-up and you cannot really tell I’m covering a birthmark with makeup. My best advice for job shopping with a facial PWS: “Fool’em!” If you haven’t already, learn to expertly apply high quality make up, don’t short change yourself, use something good and do it right ! I can make myself available to anyone who would like to share experiences living with a facial PWS. I had unsuccessful tattoo treatments in the mid 1970’s before lasers were available and the tattooed pigment prevents lasers from working on my birthmark today. Be glad to talk about that too.

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